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Ethical luxury and sustainability for Mongolian cashmere fair trade brand NUN1970
Ethical luxury and sustainability for Mongolian cashmere fair trade brand NUN1970

NUN 1970 Sustainability Principles

1. Cashmere herders’ Community Support through funding and donations

2. Low carbon emissions and environmental footprint in yarn sourcing and production

3. AI and Blockchain technologies adopted to communicate and prove traceability.

4. High-quality fibers used guarantee longer life for garments, and lower consumption of resources.

Naturally dyed, unbleached We respect the laws of the Nature.

Undyed and unbleached Mongolian cashmere is responsibly sourced to create NUN1970 made in Italy creations

Sourcing the best cashmere fibers, responsibly.

We select carefully and responsibly 100% traceable Grade A cashmere fibers from the source.

We also give back to the cashmere herders community in Mongolia in several ways, also through the support we give to “The Nature Conservancy” network.

We select cashmere ONLY from locations in Mongolia that apply best practices in environmental conservation, social development, and animal welfare – to ensure that high-quality cashmere will be available for future generations.

Our sourcing partners abide by the rules of the Nature Conservation standards in Mongolia.

From yarns to production, sustainability is always certified.

Our yarn supplier partner Cariaggi is based in Italy, and it is fully ITF certified.

Other than that, it also has many sustainable production certifications, such as
ISO 14001 - Certified Environmental System

ISO 45001 - Certified Health and Safety System
Renewable Energy Certification
- Only 100% renewable energies are used for production.

Traceability for each step of the supply chain: from the herders to you.
We are proud and happy to provide all necessary and relevant information about our products, and we do it effortlessly.

Adopting the right technology mix is the perfect way to be transparent: NFC and QR codes take our customers to the center of the NUN1970 world.

In full transparency, we share complete information about our supply chain, our charity activities, and testify the sustainability and authenticity of each of our creations.

Last but not least, all our labels and hangtags are FSC certified, and printed used recycled materials.

2.5% of Our Profits for the Children of Mongolia

We are supporting AGAPE Asia in Mongolia who are taking care of 100 children with difficult circumstances. They also have women empowerment training programs.

Traceability Powered by Blockchain Technology

Sustainability isn't just a buzzword at NUN.

As we all know, the fashion industry has one of the biggest environmental footprints and poses great risks for human health and society. At NUN1970, we adopt precise solutions to track and reduce to the minimum our environmental footprint, and increase sustainability.

We know that the complexity and lack of clarity of the fashion supply chain make it difficult to identify where those negative impacts occur.

Targeted actions, transparent processes: we make a difference.

It can be hard to devise necessary targeted actions. But we are determined to succeed.

We differentiate ourselves by using blockchain technology to trace the history, application and location of our garments in the supply chain; starting with fiber sourcing in Mongolia, to our manufacturing facility in Italy, to the final point of sale.

Transparency is always key Every little step is carefully taken.

Mongolian cashmere responsible sourcing
NUN1970 is a sustainable Mongolian cashmere brand made in Italy
NUN1970 is a sustainable Mongolian cashmere brand made in Italy

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