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Oversize Cardigan

  • 100% Mongolian cashmere
  • Color: Dune/Majolica
  • Naturally Dyed
Size: S

Is it a cardigan or a coat? Our oversized "coatigan" is in 100% Mongolian cashmere, embellished with stylized papyrus jacquard work, with kimono-style sleeves and a belt. Cashmere fringed edges on sleeves and neckline.



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How You Help the Planet!

40%Less energy consumption

10%Less water usage

23%Reduction of the carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions

NATURAL DYES:by infusion of herbs, berries and roots

BIO-LABEL: fully recyclable and renewable labels

FULLY TRACEABLE: from a farm in an unspoiled area in Inner Mongolia.

TRANSPARENT: Blockchain enabled supply chain tracking for customers

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