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Enter The Timelessness

Cashmere creations ethically sourced in Mongolia, sustainably made in Italy. Transcending times and cultures.

Natural Vibes For Kind Spirits

NUN1970 is a simple and modest approach to fashion. It’s about traditions, transparency and being kind with the world today.

We make ethical luxury products, designed to last forever.

Feel The Difference, Now

Our sweaters are a warm embrace of natural wool, to bring out the beauty in the details. Mongolian cashmere culture at its finest. Discover our creations.

Footsteps In The Sands Of Time

Listening to the sound of the knitting machines, breathing the smell of fresh fabrics, NUN1970 was born by the purest inspiration. Learn about the trajectory of an ancient spirit.

Our Vision

Committed to sustainable excellence, we strive to become the world’s leader in ethically sourced Mongolian cashmere.
All while preserving the wildlife and traditions.

A simple guide in 5 steps, to help your enjoy your long-lasting knitwear.
  • 5 min read
A journey to the origins of myth: enter the story of the legendary fabric we all love.
  • 4 min read
Meet the man, discover the entrepreneur and philantropist behind NUN1970.
  • 4 min read